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Ooniprobe is an app developed by The Tor Project that lets you collect information about censorship in the internet, and what´s most important, share this information with other users. With just one click, you can begin your analysis of the web. After a few seconds (maybe up to a minute), you´ll get results that show you which web pages are censured and how. Ooniprobe doesn´t just tell you which webpages are censured, oh no, it tells you all the information it can gather regarding the type of censorship.

Another great feature of the Ooniprobe app lets you take a peek at your connection´s speed. So, you´ll know your download and upload speed, the Ping, the maximum Ping or the server.

Ooniprobe is an app that definitely lets you find out and share really interesting information.

Android 2.3 or greater is required

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